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JackPool 5

Although it could appear to be a simple game of billiards, there`s an important problem. It`s not enough to put the balls in pockets. You will also need to arrange them in a way that gives the player 21 points. So pay attention to the number of your next balland the pocket where it`s going to be put. Also, don`t forget to you can enjoy the lesbian shows on the background that is getting better and better with each new round!

Corona Chan

This is a bit of an x-rated parody of Cells at Work! manga and anime. We follow White Antibody and Red the Red blood cell. They are tracking down Corona Chan. The coronavirus! Who happens to take the form of a hot Asian chick in a kimono? She's the super secret main boss. Anti takes her down and we mean down. She has no power over him. He spreads her legs and starts eating out her virus-filled pussy. Then he slams his dick home and destroys her in more ways than one. But what happens to Red and where does she fall in the scheme of things? Play and find out!

Poker-Darts 2

Even though darts are mentioned in the title you are not going to win.